Monday, May 20, 2013

Do you ever feel like you are up a tree and a bear is looking up at you? Try managing a Face Book business page!

All of the marketing experts now say that we can forget newspapers, phone books and magazine ads for promoting our businesses. Social media and internet marketing is not only the way of the future it is here right now. If you do not have a webpage, a blog and are not active in social media promotion in addition to direct networking efforts you are way behind the competition. While these methods are sometimes confusing for the most part the marketing efforts are free! I can remember advertising land and timber sales and consulting forestry services with expensive ads. I have changed my tune in that area!

I have been active as a page manager for our company Face Book page and have been asked to help promote another organization's page that I am involved in. My experiences have been all over the board and while fun and rewarding in most cases, it is the most illusive effort I have ever undertaken. 

Growth of a page is directly related to the subject matter that is covered as well as the base of potential fans that can be attracted to the page. Many discouraged me at first about trying to use Face Book for business promotion. I did not listen and with dogged determination I kept on pushing and soon learned that Face Book has the greatest business exposure and ranks far ahead of many alternate social media sites. I told them so!

Our business deals with rural real estate marketing and consulting forestry which to some is as interesting as watching hub caps rust but everyone in these industries use the internet to begin their queries for land and for professional forestry services.

Growth of a page is a trying experience as fan growth is the key to page popularity. Efforts to post topics of interest is a constant challenge as fans need you to really rock their boat or they will pass you like a ship in the night. Pictures and captions that catch their attention is a must. I have seen many posts that look like they were shot out of a cannon. Not one clue what the post meant and in many cases there were so many typos and errors.

Face Book has constantly been making changes, without our knowledge and has frustrated many users when the page format and their own personal pages do not look or work the same. I think Face Book is trying to cloak fans from seeing posts so they can start charging for exposing a post and generating revenue from advertising. Guess that makes business sense but this volatility causes one to lose confidence in the media and creates great frustration. It is very difficult to get a true reading on market response to a page with all the variables in place. It is hard to know if your message is being seen or ignored and it is very rare for a fan to actually let you know what you need to do to make the page better. Fan growth can grow in spurts and then can stall like a petrified rock.

I think it is helpful when other administrators are permitted to add page content but if they do not aggressively support your effort you should replace them. You obviously must be sure that what they post is consistent with your marketing mission. One ill placed post could cause real harm to your efforts. If this type post is made I guarantee that every fan and all the public will see and read that one!
Many of us will one day be involved in internet or social media marketing whether you like it or not. I hope some page managers will comment on this blog as we need guidance to make these things

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